Faso & Goj Champions Trophy

Faso & Goj Champions Trophy 🏆
(Online 3-Move Checkers)
Welcome Friends 🌍
We invite you to play in The Faso & Goj Champions Trophy 2024
🔵 Sign up start time:
👉 PlayOk/UK 16:45
🔴 Tournament start time:
👉 PlayOk/UK- 17:00
👉 Rounds 09 (3-Move)
👉 Time Control: 1m+1sec
👉 Room: Tournament ▶ salarzai
The Faso & Goj Champions Trophy 2024 will start on time. See your Country time in our time list. Late comers will not be included in the tournament. You cannot play tournament as a guest. Your PlayOk ID/Nick name is required.
🔴 Press Sign up ( Yes ✔ ) to play the Faso & Goj Champions Trophy 2024 Sign up start 15 minutes before of the tournament start time,
After Sign up «YES» you get point 0.0, If you not get point 0.0, please sign up «YES» again
Country Time list⬇
Game Start Time ⤵
11:00 am Mexico
12:00 pm Jamaica
12:00 pm Vidor, TX, USA
01:00 pm New York, USA
01:00 pm Toronto, Canada
01:00 pm Barbados
02:00 pm Brazil
05:00 pm United Kingdom
06:00 pm Italy
06:00 pm Netherlands
06:00 pm France
07:00 pm Estonia
07:00 pm Ukraine
07:00 pm Capetown S.A
08:00 pm Kenya
08:00 pm Uganda
10:00 pm Uzbekistan
10:00 pm Pakistan
12:00 am Thailand
01:00 am China
01:00 am Mongolia
01:00 am Philippines
02:00 am Tokyo, Japan
04:00 am Canberra, Australia
Don’t miss the opportunity!
«Come and play with friends from all over the world in the Faso & Goj Champions Trophy 2024 and join us in promoting the our Great Checkers Game»
Thank You. 💕
Iqbal Ahmed Salarzai
(Draughts Ambassador)

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